Starting point: Avent Ferry Food Lion Shopping Center

At the intersection of Gorman Street (I-40 Exit 295) and Avent Ferry in Raleigh, between NC State Centenniel Campus and Lake Johnson.
Breakfast available at Hardee's or Courtney's.

Avent Ferry Shopping Center
0.0R1.09Gorman St
Raleigh Bike Route 6 begins here.
3.26X Lake Wheeler
3.92R.84Carolina Pines
4.76L.09Carolina Pines / Granite St
4.85X.30S Saunders St
becomes Pecan Rd
5.15R.28Renfrow Rd
5.43L.07Illeagnes Dr
5.50X1.42Wilmington St
becomes Rush St
5.86X Hammond Rd
6.45X Garner Rd (Rush St becomes Cross Link Rd)
6.92R.60Seabrook Rd
Raleigh Bike Route 6 ends here, pup up route 11.
7.52L.63Sanderford Rd
Raleigh Bike Route 11 goes left here, we go RIGHT!
8.15RRock Quarry Rd
9.65X I-40
9.87X Walnut Creek Ampitheater
11X Barwell Rd
12.29LBattle Bridge Rd
13.18XWhitfield Rd
14.19LAuburn / Knightdale Rd
16.20RGrasshopper Rd
RSmithfield Rd
RMajor Slade Rd
RPoole Rd
20.90RLake Myra Rd
23.17LEagle Rock Rd
23.55ROld Nowell Rd
24.31LLake Glad Rd (becomes W Haywood St) Rd
LMain St
26.11RWendell Blvd Rd
26.64ROld Wilson Rd
27.07RMorphus Bridge Rd
?Vance St
RNC 97
RNC 39 (at 5-county stadium)
RRichardson Rd
41 RN 231 Rd
42.12LCovered Bridge Rd
49.14XBuffalo Rd
50.12LLoop Rd
LCovered Bridge Rd
RCovered Bridge Rd / Archer Lodge Rd
55.03LCity Rd
57.19-The Coffee Mill Rd
62.13RGuy Rd
62.49RRock Quarry Rd
63.41ROld Baucom Rd
66.40LMial Plantation Rd
70.35LSmithfield Rd
75.77XNC 64 Rd
76.60RForrestville Rd & Rd
immediate Left on Horton Rd
78.19ROld Knigh (Jackass?) Rd
becomes N 1st Ave
XSmithfield Rd
becomes S 1st Ave
XRailroad Tracks Rd
becomes Bethlehem Rd
82.08ROld Faison Rd
84LHodge Rd
85RPoole Rd
86.18LBarwell Rd
RRock Quarry Rd
Join Bike Route 11 here.
L.63Sanderford Rd
Raleigh Bike Route 6 begins here.
R.60Seabrook Rd
X Garner Rd
X Hammond Rd
becomes Rush St
L.07Illeagnes Dr
X S. Saunders St
becomes Carolina Pines/Granite St
L.84Carolina Pines
X Lake Wheeler
Raleigh Bike Route 6 ends here.
R1.09Gorman St

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