Bicycle Mileage Log 2001

(Going for 10,000,000 meters!)

My bike pages.
Log for 2002.
Mon 1/1/2001Four Loops at Rich's House8080129200
Tue 1/2/2001Round trip commute1393216973
Wed 1/3/2001Round trip commute12105312775
Thu 1/4/2001Round trip commute12117410676
Fri 1/5/2001Round trip commute1212959417
Sat 1/6/2001Rich's Century100229613931
Sun 1/7/2001(No ride) 229711941
Mon 1/8/2001Round trip commute12241810996
Tue 1/9/200115mi Round trip commute + stop at REI
6mi Home from ofc after dropping off car
Wed 1/10/20016mi One way commute
16mi Chapel Hill Night Ride
Thu 1/11/2001Round trip commute12296119822
Fri 1/12/2001Round trip commute12308129368
Sat 1/13/200112 miles to Morrisville Town Hall
19 miles riding around waiting for 10:00
40 miles with Mike O'Conner& Al Johnson
18 miles into Durham and back
12 miles home again
Sun 1/14/2001Ride to the Hash run in Durham304381411419
Mon 1/15/2001(No ride)  1510658
Tue 1/16/2001Round trip commute + stop at REI144521610311
Wed 1/17/2001Round trip commute12464179962
Thu 1/18/2001Round trip commute12476189652
Fri 1/19/2001Round trip commute12488199375
Sat 1/20/200120 miles with Dave Connelly
11 miles to Brightleaf Square
28 miles back home
Sun 1/21/2001Home to Trinity Rd and back to SGI Community Center12559219716
Mon 1/22/2001Round trip commute12571229473
Tue 1/23/2001Round trip commute12583239252
Wed 1/24/2001Round trip commute12595249049
Thu 1/25/2001Round trip commute13608258877
Fri 1/26/2001Round trip commute12620268704
Sat 1/27/2001Post Office, REI, AKC, Harris Teeter, etc...25645278719
Sun 1/28/2001Martha's Chapel and back43688288969
Mon 1/29/2001Round trip commute12700298810
Tue 1/30/20016 miles commute to work
17 miles to Weston at Harrison and back to Athens at Avent Ferry
14 miles riding with Don Belk
Wed 1/31/200112 miles Round trip commute
14 miles to Saltbox Villiage and wanderings...

Thu 2/1/2001Round trip commute, Flat tire (rear)
REI (broken rear spoke)
Marshall's clothing store
Fri 2/2/2001Round trip commute
Stop at Saltbox Villiage
Sat 2/3/2001Eagle Spur Trail Work Day8812348717
Sun 2/4/200142 miles to Ford Rd (Chapel Hill)
20 miles on Libby's loop
42 miles back home
Mon 2/5/200112 miles Round trip commute
12 miles round trip to NCBC mtg
Tue 2/6/200112 miles Round trip commute
14 miles to Weston at Harrison and back to Athens at Avent Ferry
14 miles riding w/Don Belk
Wed 2/7/200112 miles Round trip commute12992389528
Thu 2/8/200112 miles Round trip commute121004399396
Fri 2/9/200112 miles Round trip commute121016409271
Sat 2/10/2001Reader's Corner, Grocery, Work, Home191035419214
Sun 2/11/2001No ride - stayed home to replace water heater-1036428995
Mon 2/12/2001Round trip commute121047438887
Tue 2/13/2001Round trip commute121059448785
Wed 2/14/2001Round trip commute121071458687
Thu 2/15/2001Round trip commute121083468593
Fri 2/16/20016 miles one-way commute
33 miles from work to Rich's house (N. Durham)
Sat 2/17/2001Wendy and Rich's Century1051227489330
Sun 2/18/2001Home to Avent Ferry Food Lion
Avent Ferry Food Lion to Brightleaf Square (Durham) and back
Mon 2/19/2001Round trip commute121298509475
Tue 2/20/2001Round trip commute121310519375
Wed 2/21/2001Round trip commute121322529279
Thu 2/22/2001Round trip commute121334539187
Fri 2/23/2001Round trip commute121346549098
Sat 2/24/2001(No ride)01347558933
Sun 2/25/2001(No ride)01347568773
Mon 2/26/20016 miles one-way trip commute
20 miles from Durham (took the TTA bus up) and biked back home
Tue 2/27/2001Round trip commute121384588710
Wed 2/28/2001One way commute61390598599

Vacation in the Keys!
Thu 3/1/2001(No ride)01391608456
Fri 3/2/2001(No ride)01391618317
Sat 3/3/2001(No ride)01391628183
Sun 3/4/2001(No ride)01391638053
Mon 3/5/200112 miles Round trip commute
4 miles back and forth to grocers, twice
Tue 3/6/2001Round trip commute121418657963
Wed 3/7/2001Round trip commute121430667908
Thu 3/8/2001One way trip commute61436677823
Ramesh's wedding
Fri 3/9/2001(No ride)01437687708
Sat 3/10/2001(No ride)01437697596
Sun 3/11/2001(No ride)01437707488
Mon 3/12/2001Round trip commute121448717444
Tue 3/13/2001Round trip to N.Raleigh Hilton161464727422
Wed 3/14/2001Round trip to N.Raleigh Hilton161480737400
Thu 3/12/2001Round trip commute121492747359
Fri 3/12/2001Round trip commute121504757319
Sat 3/17/2001Round trip to ATT trailhead561560767492
Sun 3/18/200132 Round trip to Jenks Rd.
24 Ted Korab's ride
Mon 3/19/2001Round trip home/work/Salt Box Villiage241640787674
Tue 3/20/2001Round trip commute121652797633
Wed 3/21/2001Round trip commute121664807592
Thu 3/22/2001Round trip commute121676817552
Fri 3/23/2001Round trip commute121688827514
Sat 3/24/2001Holly Springs (and back)261714837537
Sun 3/25/2001Round trip to Harris Lake County Park
50km REI "Spring Fling" loop
Mon 3/26/2001Round trip commute121840857901
Tue 3/27/2001Round trip commute121852867860
Wed 3/28/200112 miles Round trip commute
16 miles Round trip to Walnut Creek
Thu 3/29/2001Round trip commute121892887848
Fri 3/30/200112mi Round trip commute
10mi toward Rock Quarry road and back
Sat 3/31/2001Home to Wendell / Zebulon / Clayton / Knightdale / Lake Johnson Loop / Home 1022016908176

Sun 4/01/200132 Round trip to Jenks Rd.
24 Ted Korab's ride
Mon 4/02/200112mi Round trip commute
8mi Round trip to American Tobacco Trail meeting at NCSU
Tue 4/03/200112mi Round trip commute
13mi to/from Spin Cycle
22mi Spin Cycle ride
Wed 4/04/2001Round trip commute122151948352
Thu 4/05/200112mi Round trip commute
13mi Round trip to Spin Cycle
22mi Spin Cycle ride
Fri 4/06/200112mi Round trip commute
18mi Round trip home to Auburn Ch Rd
Sat 4/07/2001Round trip to Clayton472275978561
Sun 4/08/200112mi one way to Morrisville
200km Brevet from Morrisville to Siler City (and back)
Mon 4/09/2001Round trip commute122424998937
Tue 4/10/200112mi Round trip commute
13mi Round trip to Spin Cycle
22mi Spin Cycle ride
Wed 4/11/2001Round trip commute1224831018973
Thu 4/12/200112mi Round trip commute
13mi Round trip to Spin Cycle
22mi Spin Cycle ride
Fri 4/13/2001Tandem ride w/Padmini and Jordans 1225421039008
Sat 4/14/200147mi to Clayton and back
13mi to ride and back and to REI and back
Sun 4/15/2001Litter pick-up
trip William's house, Method Rd, Grocery
Mon 4/16/20016mi to work
7mi to Gilbert's shop
North Road Bicycle Company Ride
Tue 4/17/2001Round trip commute1226541079053
Wed 4/18/2001Round trip commute1226661089010
Thu 4/19/200112 mi Round trip commute
13 mi Round trip to Salt Box Villiage
13 mi Round trip to Green Level HS
Fri 4/20/2001Round trip commute1227161109012
Sat 4/21/2001No ride027171118931
Sun 4/22/200114 mi Round trip to Lake Wheeler
27 mi NCBC Sprint Rally
Mon 4/23/20016mi to work
7mi to Gilbert's shop
North Road Bicycle Company Ride
Tue 4/24/200112mi Round trip commute
13 mi Round trip to Salt Box Villiage
10 mi Spin Cycle Ride (cut short by rain)
Wed 4/25/2001Round trip commute1228291158979
Thu 4/26/200112 mi Round trip commute
13 mi Round trip to Salt Box Villiage
22 mi Spin Cycle Ride
Hurt my shoulder when I crashed
Fri 4/27/2001No ride028771178972
Sat 4/28/2001300km brevet19230681189490
Sun 4/29/2001No ride030691199410
Mon 4/30/20016mi to work
7mi to Gilbert's shop
North Road Bicycle Company Ride
Cameron Villiage, then home

Tue 5/1/200112mi Round trip commute
13mi Round trip to Salt Box Villiage
19mi Spin Cycle Ride
Don Belk Returns!
Wed 5/2/200112mi Round trip commute
12mi Ride up to Morrisville for DOT meeting and back
Thu 5/3/200112mi Round trip commute
13 mi Round trip to Salt Box Villiage
22 mi Spin Cycle Ride
Fri 5/4/200112mi Round trip commute
35mi Home to Zebulon to stadium
Sat 5/5/200183mi Tour DeCure Day 2
Back to last rest stop and camp again, pick up a bottle of wine
Zebulon - Williamson
Easy riding - lots of tailwinds
Sun 5/6/200195mi Tour DeCure Day 2
Williamson - Manteo (Roanoake Island)
Super STRONG Headwinds - at least 20mph, plus gusts
Crossed Croatoan Bridge
5mi around the neighborhood
Mon 5/7/20016mi to work
7mi to Gilbert's shop - got there late and ran the route backwards to meet up with them
North Road Bicycle Company Ride
Tue 5/8/200112mi Round trip commute
13mi Round trip to Salt Box Villiage
15mi Spin Cycle Ride w/Don Belk
bent my rear der & chain on the way back! SAG!
Wed 5/9/2001Rode from home to High House & Cary Pkwy to pickup the helmet I left behind.
13mi Took the bus to work.
6mi Home from work.
Thu 5/10/2001Round trip commute12356613010012
Fri 5/11/2001Round trip commute1235781319969
Sat 5/12/2001Round trip to the office to try to bring Fuji home on BOB Yak - No go
Sun 5/13/2001Round trip to SGI community center
Down to Bob's house and back
Mon 5/14/20016mi to work
7mi to Gilbert's shop - got there late and ran the route backwards to meet up with them
North Road Bicycle Company Ride
Tue 5/15/200112mi Round trip commute
13mi Round trip to Salt Box Villiage
20mi Spin Cycle Ride
Wed 5/16/2001Round trip commute
Rode down to NCSU brickyard to look for CM
Thu 5/17/2001Round trip commute1237191379908
Fri 5/18/2001Rode down to NCSU to catch bus to Durham
Rode up to Wendy's house and road around Durham
Sat 5/19/200173mi "Assault on Marion"
29mi did an extra loop to make a century
Sun 5/20/200120mi up the road toward Mitchell and back with Rich
30mi home from Wendy's
Mon 5/21/2001Round trip commute12389314110078
Tue 5/22/200112mi Round trip commute
13mi Round trip to Salt Box Villiage
22mi Spin Cycle Ride in the wind & rain!
Wed 5/23/2001Round trip commute12395214310087
Thu 5/24/2001Round trip commute12396414410048
Fri 5/25/2001Raleigh/Fuller/Clayton/Fuquay-Varina/Raleigh60402414510129
Sat 5/26/2001No ride0402514610060
Sun 5/27/200133mi to Bennet Place
35mi to Calvander & back
33mi home
Mon 5/28/2001Bullwinkle's / Waffle House/ Border's13413814810205
Tue 5/29/2001Round trip commute12415014910166
Wed 5/30/2001Round trip commute12416215010128
Thu 5/31/2001Round trip commute12417415110089

Fri 6/01/2001Round trip commute12418615210052
Sat 6/02/2001No ride - visiting NY041871539986
Sun 6/03/2001Night ride home from airport1942051549966
Mon 6/04/20016mi to work
8mi to Gilbert's
14mi ride with Gilbert
6mi back home after stopping at the Flying Saucer w/Glenn
Tue 6/05/200112mi Round trip commute
13mi Round trip to Salt Box Villiage
20mi Spin Cycle Ride - beginner's loop w/Bill Roberts (missed the others)
Wed 6/06/200112mi Round trip commute
36mi to High House at Davis, then around the loop then home
Thu 6/07/2001Round trip commute12434415810035
Fri 6/08/2001Round trip commute12435615910000
Sat 6/09/2001The Coffee Mill - Millfest 2001
Sun 6/10/200117mi to Jenks at NC-55
33mi Ted's Ride
17mi home
Mon 6/11/20016mi to work
7mi to Gilbert's
13mi ride with Gilbert
6mi back home after supper at the Flying Saucer with the group
Tue 6/12/200112mi Round trip commute
13mi Round trip to Salt Box Villiage
23mi Spin Cycle Ride w/Don Belk plus stop by REI on the way home
Wed 6/13/2001Round trip commute12462216410287
Thu 6/14/2001The Spin Cycle ride was rained out, so I did my own ride.30465216510291
Fri 6/15/2001Round trip commute12466416610255
Sat 6/16/2001Rode to Erwin NC along state bike route 5 84474816710377
Sun 6/17/2001Rode to office, Wellspring (Cary), home, Cup-A-Joe (Hillsborough St), Cameron Villiage and home via Lake Wheeler Rd
Rode to Lake Johnson to watch the sunset
Mon 6/18/2001one way commute6479516910356
Tue 6/19/2001No ride - visiting CC0483217010295
Wed 6/20/2001one way commute6480117110248
Thu 6/21/200112mi Round trip commute
19mi Round trip to Bike Line in Garner to pickup new NCBC Jersey and round trip to SGI community center
Fri 6/22/20016mi one way commute
33mi one way to Rich's house
Sat 6/23/2001108mi Liberty Century
riding around with Gilbert (Greenshield's and back)
Sun 6/24/20015mi Rode to Clarion Hotel downtown and caught a lift to Youngsville
46mi ride w/Gilbert = "1st Annual Moulton Ramble"
6mi caught a lift back to Raleigh w/Gilbert and then rode home from Hibernia
Mon 6/25/20016mi one-way commute
7mi to Gilbert's
13mi ride through "Buckeye"
6mi back home after supper with the group
Tue 6/26/200112mi Round trip commute
13mi Round trip to Salt Box Villiage
22mi Spin Cycle Ride w/Don Belk
Wed 6/27/20016mi one-way commute
7mi to Gilbert's to give him a calendar
5mi home
4mi round-trip to Food Lion
Thu 6/28/200112mi Round trip commute
6mi Round trip to Kinkos
Fri 6/29/2001Round trip commute12516718010478
Sat 6/30/20019mi to office and back to Food Lion
46mi to Clayton, and back to Food Lion
3mi home from Food Lion

Sun 7/01/2001No ride
trip to Norfolk,
broke rear derailleur & axle.
Mon 7/02/20016mi one-way commute
7mi to Gilbert's
10mi Lake Johnson ride
Freewheel started sticking
rode home w/Glenn after Flying Saucer
Tue 7/03/200112mi Round trip commute
13mi Round trip to Salt Box Villiage
26mi Spin Cycle Ride w/Don Belk
(Henry and I took off around the Green Hope / Lewter Shop loop for a few extra miles
Wed 7/04/2001Missed the "Firecracker" Metric
6mi Ride over to the office
Helped (watched) Dale & Donnie change the water pump on the van
10mi ride from Dale's to Weaver Street Market and then up to Alex & Yuki's
Thu 7/05/20016mi one-way commute
7mi to Gilbert's
rode around dropping off Bikefest flyers
Fri 7/06/2001Round trip commute12535218710446
Sat 7/07/200135mi around town distributing bikefest propaganda
bought some new shirts, etc...
then down to Garner to do the...
65mi Full Moon Ride with Mike
from Garner, up around Clayton, down toward Smithfield, back at 2:00am
Sun 7/08/2001Slept late after the Full Moon ride
Got up and headed out for Wellspring but
didn't make it off the cul-de-sac because Joel needed help finishing off a keg
Mon 7/09/20016mi one-way commute
7mi to Gilbert's
15mi ride down toward Garner
5mi ride back home
Tue 7/10/200112mi round trip commute
13mi Round trip to Salt Box Villiage
27mi Spin Cycle Ride w/Don Belk
including some "bonus" miles 'cause I turned back a couple times just to hang...
Wed 7/11/200112mi round trip commute
14mi ride to Blue Ridge Cinema, up the road for coffee and then home after the show.
Thu 7/12/2001Round trip commute12558119310555
Fri 7/13/20016mi one-way commute
54mi up to Fowler's (Durham) and back home
Sat 7/14/2001No ride - Sierra Club hike then Ken's party 0567619510559
Sun 7/15/200190mi to Clayton, Fuquay, back to Clayton and home
10mi to Harris Teeter on Jones Franklin Rd and back
changed a flat on the rear
Mon 7/16/20016mi one-way commute
7mi to Gilbert's
changed a flat on the front. Picked up 5 new tubes at AllStar
4mi riding around Peace St
5mi ride back home
Tue 7/17/200112mi round trip commute
13mi Round trip to Salt Box Villiage
22mi Spin Cycle Ride w/Don Belk
Wed 7/18/2001Round trip commute12582219910679
Thu 7/19/2001Round trip commute12583420010647
Fri 7/20/2001Round trip commute
Left work early and rode to Gilbert's
Rode north with Gilbert to South Hill, VA
Sat 7/21/2001Rode North from South Hill, VA
Crossed the James River before nightfall
Headed east, broken spoke, flat tire, began looking for a hotel.
Ended up backtracking to Richmond
Sun 7/22/2001Took AmTrak to Alexandria, rode into DC
To the Capitol, to the pub, to Union Station
Mon 7/23/2001Round trip commute12597220410685
Tue 7/24/2001Round trip commute12598420510654
Wed 7/25/2001Round trip commute, Gilbert's21600520610640
Thu 7/26/2001Round trip commute12601720710610
Fri 7/27/2001Work, Gilbert's, Home14603120810583
Sat 7/28/2001Clayton Ride60609120910637
Sun 7/29/200121010587
Mon 7/30/2001Round trip commute
Gilbert's ride
Tue 7/31/2001Work, Gilbert's, Home19614621210582

Wed 8/1/2001Round trip commute plus REI14616021310556
Thu 8/2/2001Work, Gilbert's, Home19617921410539
Fri 8/3/2001Work, AmTrak, Home20619921510524
Sat 8/4/2001AmTrak to Alexandria. GF Reunion4620321610482
Sun 8/5/2001Dumfries to Springfield, VA27623021710479
Mon 8/6/2001Round trip commute and Gilbert's31626121810483
Tue 8/7/2001Spin Cycle47630821910513
Wed 8/8/2001Round trip commute12632022010485
Thu 8/9/2001Round trip commute12633222110458
Fri 8/10/2001Work, Gilbert's and home18635022210440
Sat 8/11/2001Bikefest and ride home from Hillsborough107645722310569
Sun 8/12/200155651222410611
Mon 8/13/2001Work, Gilbert's, Home28654022510609
Tue 8/14/2001Spin Cycle45658522610635
Wed 8/15/2001Round trip commute, Miami Sub14659922710611
Thu 8/16/2001Round trip commute12661122810583
Fri 8/17/2001Round trip commute12662322910556
Sat 8/18/2001Clayton61668423010607
Sun 8/19/2001AmTrak to Alexandria
Mt Vernon, Custis, Wash and Old D trails
Mon 8/20/2001Work, Gilbert's, Home34676323210640
Tue 8/21/2001Spin Cycle46680923310666
Wed 8/22/2001Round trip commute12682123410640
Thu 8/23/2001Round trip commute12683323510613
Fri 8/24/2001Round trip commute12684523610587
Sat 8/25/2001AmTrak to Greensobor
Rode up to the Saurtown Mtn / Hanging Rock Gap (Taylor Rd off NC66) and back
Sun 8/26/2001Rode around town, Coffee Shops, Wellspring, Harris Teeter
Rode to Sridhar's for supper
Mon 8/27/2001Work, Gilbert's, Home
I led the ride at Gilbert's - Lake Johnson, Fairgrounds, back
Tue 8/28/2001Round trip commute12704724010717
Wed 8/29/2001Round trip commute12705924110691
Thu 8/30/2001Round trip commute12707124210665
Fri 8/31/2001Third Place, Cameron Villiage, Gilbert's, Miami Sub 19709024310650

Sat 9/1/2001Home, Dix, Home7709724410616
Sun 9/2/2001Home, Dix, Merlin, Food Lion, Home11710824510589
Mon 9/3/2001Home, Dix, Merlin, Food Lion, Home
Gilbert's Garner ride
Tue 9/4/2001Eudora's (Janet Cowell)11712924710535
Wed 9/5/2001Round trip commute
Cameron Villiage Library
Thu 9/6/2001Round trip commute12716424910501
Fri 9/07/2001Round trip commute12717625010477
Sat 9/08/2001I forget14719025110456
Sun 9/09/2001No ride025210414
Mon 9/10/2001Work, Gilbert's ride, Home27721725310412
Tue 9/11/2001Work, SpinCycle ride, Home46726325410437
Wed 9/12/2001Round trip commute12727525510413
Thu 9/13/2001No ride025610373
Fri 9/14/2001Round trip commute12728725710349
Sat 9/15/2001Pullen Park (w/Catherine and Shanti)9729625810322
Sun 9/16/2001No ride025910282
Mon 9/17/2001Work, Gilbert's ride, Home28732426010282
Tue 9/18/2001Work, SpinCycle ride, Home42736626110301
Wed 9/19/2001Round trip commute12737826210279
Thu 9/20/2001Round trip commute12739026310256
Fri 9/21/2001One-way commute,
TTA bus to Durham, bike to Wendy's house
Sat 9/22/2001MS-150 "Breakaway to the Beach"
Rockingham, NC to Florence, SC
Sun 9/23/200170mi: MS-150 "Breakaway to the Beach"
Florence, SC to Myrtle Beach, SC
30mi: Home from Cole Park Plaza (15-501, Chatham County)
Mon 9/24/2001Round trip commute12758126710364
Tue 9/25/2001Round trip commute12759326810341
Wed 9/26/2001Round trip commute12760526910319
Thu 9/27/2001Round trip commute12761727010297
Fri 9/28/2001Round trip commute12762927110275
Sat 9/29/200122mi to Clayton
42mi Clayton to Fuquay and back to Clayton
22mi home
Sun 9/30/2001To ThreeSpokes for pre-CNC party47776227310378

Mon 10/01/2001Round trip commute12777427410356
Tue 10/02/2001Round trip commute12778627510334
Wed 10/03/2001Round trip commute12779827610313
Thu 10/04/2001Round trip commute12781027710291
Fri 10/05/2001Round trip commute12782227810270
Sat 10/06/20014mi to AmTrak to Greensboro
70mi Greensboro to Mt Airy (for CNC)
Sun 10/07/2001CNC 2001-Mt Airy to Winston-Salem 55795128010365
Mon 10/08/2001CNC 2001-Winston-Salem to Reidsville62801328110408
Tue 10/09/2001CNC 2001-Reidsville to Roxboro66807928210457
Wed 10/10/2001CNC 2001-Roxboro to Henderson48812728310482
Thu 10/11/2001CNC 2001-Henderson to Roanoke Rapids67819428410531
Fri 10/12/2001CNC 2001-Roanoke Rapids to Edenton78827228510594
Sat 10/13/2001CNC 2001-49mi Edenton to Elizabeth City
extra ride to extra day of camping!
Sun 10/14/2001No ride028710586
Mon 10/15/2001Round trip commute12833628810565
Tue 10/16/2001Round trip commute
Took the bus to Durham, rode to Wendy's to get my helmet,
bus back to downtown Raleigh and bike home
Wed 10/17/2001Round trip commute12836229010525
Thu 10/18/2001Round trip commute12837429110503
Fri 10/19/2001One way commute
Drove up to Staunton VA with Sridhar
Sat 10/20/2001Bike Virginia Shenanadoah Fall Foliage Festival 69844929310525
Sun 10/21/2001Bike Virginia Shenanadoah Fall Foliage Festival 39848829410538
Mon 10/22/2001Round trip commute
Rode over to Gilbert's shop
10mi with Steve and Kim
Tue 10/23/2001Round trip commute12852429610511
Wed 10/24/2001Round trip commute12853629710490
Thu 10/25/2001Round trip commute12854829810470
Fri 10/26/2001Round trip commute12856029910449
Sat 10/27/2001No ride - had to work030010415
Sun 10/28/2001Solo ride to Fuquay-Varina and back through Cary
Ambled around downtown Raleigh
Mon 10/29/2001Round trip commute12863230210433
Tue 10/30/2001Round trip commute12864430310413
Wed 10/31/2001Round trip commute12865630410393

Thu 11/01/2001Round trip commute12866830510373
Fri 11/02/2001Round trip commute
Stopped by Gilbert's to return his chain tool and buy some more spokes
Sat 11/03/2001Downtown to City Market, home
Farmer's Market to buy some acorn squash, home
Fairgrounds, office, home
Sun 11/04/2001Evan Wynmore's Weaver Street Ride
Riding around town, Third Place for Coffee
Mon 11/05/2001Round trip commute12877430910364
Tue 11/06/2001Round trip commute12878631010345
Wed 11/07/2001Round trip commute12879831110326
Thu 11/08/2001Round trip commute12881031210307
Fri 11/09/2001Round trip commute12882231310288
Sat 11/10/2001Rich's Durham / Butner century
Two 50 mile loops
Sun 11/11/2001Ride down to Mike's house (Clayton) and back to get my battery
Cruise around town
Mon 11/12/2001Round trip commute and to SGI14899831610393
Tue 11/13/2001Round trip commute12901031710374
Wed 11/14/2001Round trip commute12902231810355
Thu 11/15/2001Round trip commute12903431910337
Fri 11/16/2001Round trip commute
Gilbert's, downtown, Taza's
Sat 11/17/2001City Market and Durham to volunteer for ATT work day 55911332110362
Sun 11/18/2001City Market, Art Musem (Toulouse LauTrec) 33914632210367
Mon 11/19/2001Round trip commute12915832310349
Tue 11/20/2001Round trip commute12917032410330
Wed 11/21/2001One way commute6917632510305
Thu 11/22/2001No ride032610274
Fri 11/23/2001Rode around Slidel5918132710248
Sat 11/24/2001No ride032810217
Sun 11/25/2001No ride032910186
Mon 11/26/2001Round trip commute12919333010168
Tue 11/27/2001Round trip commute12920533110151
Wed 11/28/2001Round trip commute12921733210133
Thu 11/29/2001Round trip commute12922933310116
Fri 11/30/2001Round trip commute12924133410099

Sat 12/01/2001City Market, Logan's Wine, home
Five Points, Fresh Market, home
Sun 12/02/2001Across Cary, Farmer's Market, home 34930333610106
Mon 12/03/2001Round trip commute
Wellspring, Raleigh neighborhoods, White Oak, Taza's, home
Tue 12/04/2001Round trip commute
Cruised Raleigh, City Market, Cameron Village (HT for grocs), Boylan, home
Wed 12/05/2001Round trip commute
Cruised North Hills, Boylan, Home
Thu 12/06/2001Round trip commute
Jones Across Raleigh to US64E, Brentwood, Skycrest, past the iceplex
Two loops around Barksdale and then home by Oakwood
Fri 12/07/2001Round trip commute
North Raleigh Hilton, home
Sat 12/08/2001City Market, had a couple beers with Vladamir, Logan's (for wine), home, Irregardless, home 45948634210124
Sun 12/09/2001Work (yes, on Sunday), Farmer's Market, home, Groceries, home 21950734310117
Mon 12/10/2001Round trip commute
Downtown Cary (Academy) for the SouthEash HighSpeed Rail presentation
Tue 12/11/2001Round trip commute12953934510092
Wed 12/12/2001Round trip commute12955134610075
Thu 12/13/2001Round trip commute12956334710059
Fri 12/14/2001One way commute - Rich picked me up at work6956934810036
Sat 12/15/2001Mike's Clayton century
with Rich and Henry and John Rider and Dan Gatti and Peter Finklestein
Sun 12/16/2001Hung out with Rich
Did a Hash Run
then Round trip commute - late night on Sunday! (Got called in for a DNA problem.)
Mon 12/17/2001Round trip commute12970335110090
Tue 12/18/2001Round trip commute12971535210074
Wed 12/19/2001Round trip commute12972735310058
Thu 12/20/2001Round trip commute12973935410042
Fri 12/21/2001Work, Taza's, Home18975735510032
Sat 12/22/200112mi City Market, couple of beer with Vladamir, Logan's for wine, home
42mi One way to Suzy's house in Chapel Hill
Sun 12/23/2001First trip on the Koga Miyata
SGI community center, Mission Valley, home via Lake Wheeler Rd
Mon 12/24/200117mi Miyata: Office, Farmer's Market, home
17mi Fuji: same route
9mi Fuji: downtown and back
Tue 12/25/2001Ride with Padmini and Shanti
Up and down Beryl road a few times, Pylon Rd
and then Shanti and I rode down Method, Kaplan and Goreman to Avent Ferry (in the dark)
Wed 12/26/2001Round trip commute, Cameron Village (bank and grocery), home via Hillsboro, Boylan and Dix 19990136010039
Thu 12/27/2001Round trip commute, Cameron Village (grocery), home via Boylan and Dix 19992036110030
Fri 12/28/2001Round trip commute, Cameron Village, City Market (coffee), Jones, Edenton home via Boylan and Dix 23994336210025
Sat 12/29/2001Rode around Raleigh (Brookside, Cambridge St, etc.),
then over downtown and to City Market for breakfast.
East on Jones and back up the Buckeye Trail, then over to Seaboard Wines and home.
Down to Farmer's Market via Avent Ferry - filled my panniers with apples and acorn squash, then home.
Sun 12/30/200116mi Rode down to Apex to get together with Ted's Sunday ride.
34mi with Ted, Wendy, Bill and Robert (from Charlotte)
Woo-hoo! Broke 10,000miles!
16mi home
Rode down to Farmer's Market and back
Rode around the Art Museum with Padmini and Shanti
Mon 12/31/200112mi round trip commute121005936510059
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Log for 2002.

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