GA: Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority
Bikes on MARTA

Bikes on MARTA

MARTA allows bicycles on trains at any time of the day or night.
Cyclists are encouraged, however, to be mindful of other patrons.
Passengers who take their bikes on trains are encouraged to exercise extra caution when using the rail system.

Please keep these safety tips in mind:

Many people who use bicycles to get around metro Atlanta often use MARTA as part of their trip.
Using MARTA in conjunction with a bicycle helps patrons to commute safely and efficiently.
MARTA is proud to be one of the few transit systems in the United States to offer such unrestricted bicycle access on trains.

CA: Bay Area Rapid Transit
Bikes on BART

Effective April, 1999, cyclists are no longer required to use the rear door of the car. BART's Bike rules are intended to allow bicyclists and all BART passengers to make effective use of the system.

During Commute Times

Violation of the above rules subject to citation under CA Vehicle Code Sec. 21113 and Sec. 42001. Information is also available on renting bicycle lockers at stations

Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority
VTA - Bikes on Light Rail

Bikes on Light Rail

All light rail vehicles are equipped with interior bike racks.

The maximum number of bicycles allowed inside a light rail vehicle is six.
Up to four bicycles can be accommodated in the racks provided, with two additional bicycles allowed to stand on the floor in the center section (turntable area) of the vehicle.

All bicycles must be boarded through the center doors of each car, and they are restricted to the designated area in the center section (turntable area) of the vehicle.

CA: Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority
VTA - Bikes on Caltrain

Bikes on Caltrain

Each train can accommodate a maximum of 24 bicycles. Bicycles must be stowed in the designated bicycle storage space in the northern-most car, noted by a yellow decal on the outside. Bicyclists must be age 16 or older.

Collapsible bicycles must be fully enclosed in a cover while boarding, exiting and being stored in the train.
These bikes enclosed in a cover are not subject to the 24-bike limit.

NY: Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority Metro's Bikes on the Rail program


Take your bike on Metro Rail, as long as you observe the following rules:

Bikes are allowed on Metro Rail at any time.

Bike lockers are available for rent at South Campus and LaSalle Stations.
Call 855-7619

DC: Washington Metropoloitan Area Transit

Bicycles are permitted on Metrorail (limited to two bicycles per car) weekdays except 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Bicycles are permited all day Saturday and Sunday as well as most holidays (limited to four bicycles per car).
Bicycles are not permitted on Metrorail on July 4th and other special events or holidays when large crowds use the system.

For the safety, comfort and convenience of all passengers, follow these guidelines whenever you bring a bicycle into the Metrorail system.

(You can find a copy of the Metro Bike-On-Rail Guidelines in station take-one racks.)

Bicycle lockers are available for $70 for one year plus a $10 key deposit.
Click here for a list of Metrorail station lockers and racks and information on applying for a locker.

ANY car, off peak hours

Metrorail's Bike-On-Rail Enhanced Access Demonstration program was a success and as a result, the current hours for the program will remain in effect on a permanent basis, Metro's Chief Executive Officer Richard A. White announced today during a Metro Board Operations Committee meeting.

Last summer, Metro introduced a six-month trial program for enhanced Metrorail access for bicyclists.
The demonstration program called for bicycles to be welcomed in the Metrorail system at all times except for weekday peak hours, 7 a.m. to 10 a.m., and 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.
The program allowed cyclists to board any car of a train using the front and back doors only - not the center emergency doors.
Up to two bicycles per railcar were allowed during weekdays and four on weekends.

Metro officials deemed the trial program a success because of four key findings:

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