From Carrboro to SW Raleigh

26mi (42km)
Carrboro-SW Raleigh
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0.00S 0.05Purple Leaf Pl
0.05L 0.33greenway
0.38- 0.03becomes Wesley St
0.42L 0.21Brewer Ln
0.63R 0.19Merritt Mill Rd
0.82L 0.31W Cameron Ave
1.13R 0.15Ransom St
1.28L 0.30McCauley St
1.57- 0.65becomes S Rd
2.23- 2.06becomes Raleigh Rd
4.29R 1.59Barbee Chapel Rd
5.87- 0.36becomes Farrington Rd
6.24R 1.60Stagecoach Rd
7.83R 1.77NC-751
9.61L 3.38Okelly Chapel Rd
12.98BL0.17Green Level to Durham Rd
13.15BR0.90Alston Ave
14.59L 0.68Good Hope Church Rd
15.26L 1.22Morrisville Carpenter Rd
16.48R 0.45Davis Dr
16.94L 1.95Morrisville Pkwy
18.89R 2.16NC-54 Chapel Hill Rd
21.05R 0.22Adams St
21.27R 0.25Harrison Ave
21.52L 0.27W Chatham St
21.78R 0.34E Chatham St
22.13L 0.82Walnut St
22.94R 1.86TRO Walnut St
24.80L 0.07Meeting St
24.88R 0.51Caitboo Ave
25.39R 0.26Crossroads Blvd
25.65L 0.45Jones Franklin Rd
26.10L 0.27Centerview Dr
26.38- ----5580 Centerview Dr, Raleigh, NC 27606
5580 Centerview Dr, Raleigh

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