From Charlotte Amtrak to Raleigh Amtrak

Maps: 160mi (257km)
Charlotte Amtrak on Tryon St Go to the Bikely / Google Interactive Route Map
0.0R3.4N Tryon
3.4R2.6Old Concord Rd
6.0R8.9Rocky River Rd
14.9R0.7Lower Rocky River Rd
15.6L1.5Pine Grove Ch Rd
17.1L8.0Flowes Store Rd
(becomes Miami Ch Rd)
25.1L2.2Cold Springs Rd
27.3R0.0Cold Springs Rd E
27.3L2.5Walker Rd
29.8L0.1NC-73 (Mt Pleasant Hwy)
29.9R0.3St Johns Ch Rd
30.2R6.5Mt Olive Rd
36.7R1.3Sansbury Rd
to Gold Hill
38.0L3.8St Stephens Ch Rd
41.8L0.1Old US-80
41.9R0.1Doby Dr
42.1R7.0High Rock Rd
(becomes Wyatts Grove Ch Rd)
49.1R8.2Bringle Ferry Rd 1002
(becomes Denton Rd)
57.3R0.9W Peacock Ave
58.5R8.8E 1st St
(becomes Farmer-Denton Rd)
67.3L8.0Old 49 into Asheboro
75.3BL1.9merges with 49 and becomes Albemarle Rd
77.2L0.4S Park St
77.6R0.8Kivett St
78.4L0.3Cliff Rd
78.7R0.8N Randolph
(becomes MLK Jr Dr)
79.5L0.5Cedar Falls Rd
80.0BR4.2Old Cedar Falls Rd
84.2L0.2Loflin Pond Rd
84.4R3.9Cedar Falls Rd
through Franklinville
(becomes NC-22)
to Ramseur
88.3L1.4Patterson Grove Rd
89.7R3.8Fuergeson Rd
94.2R2.8Old Staley Rd
(becomes Columbia St in Staley)
97.0R0.1W Railroad St
97.1L0.2Pittsboro St
97.3L0.2Foushee St
97.5R3.0E Franklinville St
(becomes Staley-Snow Camp Rd)
100.5R0.9Pike Rd
101.4R7.9Silk Hope Liberty Rd
109.3L0.5Silk Hope Lindley Mill Rd
109.8R5.7Epps Clark Rd
(becomes Henderson Tanyard Rd)
115.5R1.4Castle Rock Farm Rd
117.6R3.6Chicken Bridge Rd
(Cross the Haw River)
121.2R2.8River Rd
124.0R0.6Hamlet Chp Rd
124.6L0.7Oak Hill Rd
125.3L0.3Manns Chp Rd
125.6R3.3Andrews Store Rd
129.6R3.2Jack Bennett Rd
132.8R1.0Lystra Rd-Jack Bennett Rd
133.8R2.1Farrington Rd
135.9L2.9Marthas Chp Rd
139.2L4.2Lewter Shop Rd
(becomes Green Level Ch Rd)
143.4L2.0Green Hope School Rd
(Walk around barricades and across RR track)
145.4R1.2Carpenter Upchurch Rd
146.6L3.5High House Rd (Cary)
150.1L0.7Old Apex Rd
150.8BL3.7W. Chatham St
(becomes E Chatham St)
(becomes Hillsborogh St)
154.5BR0.8Western Blvd
155.3L0.2Powell Dr
155.5R1.5Beryl Rd
157.0R2.2Hillsborough St
159.2BR0.5Morgan St
159.7R0.2Boylan Ave
159.9L0.2Kinsey St
160.1L0.2Cabarrus St
160.3---LAmtrak Station—Raleigh NC
Raleigh Amtrak on Cabarrus St
CH = Church
CHP = Chapel

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