Cycle North Carolina 2002

With the ChainRing of Fools
Statesville to New Bern
Hey, here's the camera guy!
Get your Silly String!
Brek, take this one!...oh wait, you're going to get the Camera Guy, right?
(Wes, Kelzy and Brek)
Kasey is responsible for these AWESOME jerseys
Shown here modeled by Doug...followed by Steve...then Henry, Bruce and Robbie! doug.jpg
"Wild, Wild" Wes,
  meet Mike "Lightning" Dayton
In Asheboro
Suzy chats with the Dalrymples and Deborah
Caveman Ted!
Wow! That's one HEAVY bike!
Me, I had fun too...
fist.jpg orange.jpg regalia.jpg
It ain't a party,
unless the possum's partying!

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