Starting point: Avent Ferry Food Lion Shopping Center

At the intersection of Gorman Street (I-40 Exit 295) and Avent Ferry in Raleigh, between NC State Centennial Campus and Lake Johnson.
Breakfast is available at Hardee's or Courtney's.

Avent Ferry Shopping Center
0.0R0.1Gorman St
0.1R0.8Lake Johnson Greenway
   (slow, respect Pedestrians & Skaters)
0.9R0.4Lake Dam Rd (climb!)
1.3L0.1Avent Ferry
1.4R1.2Athens Dr
 - cross I-440 US 1/64 (bridge)
2.6R0.4Jones Franklin Rd
   (Stop at Mamta Emporium for Samosas?)
(4.0)- cross NC 54 / Chapel Hill Rd
4.3L0.2Conference Dr
4.5R0.5Corporate Center Dr
Hills between Trinity and Aviation Pkwy!
 - cross I-40 (bridge)
   Trinity takes a sharp left.
High traffic + poor visibility = be careful!
6.0R1.6Brandywine (becomes Electra Dr)
7.6-0.6cross Reedy Creek Rd (becomes Dynasty)
8.2-0.9cross Harrison (becomes W. Dynasty)
9.1R1.9Evans Rd
(9.6)- cross Cary Pkwy
(10.4)- cross Weston Pkwy
 - cross West end of Lake Crabtree (bridge)
11.0L1.0Aviation Pkwy
End of hills!
12.00.1 cross NC 54 (becomes Morrisville Carpenter)
 - cross Church St
12.1RMorrisville Town Hall (take a break)
 L0.1Morrisville Carpenter
12.2L3.6Church St
15.8L1.0NC 54
16.8-1.4S. Miami Blvd (NC 54 turns Left at Page Rd)
(17.4)- cross I-40 (bridge)
 - cross Durham Freeway/147 (bridge)
 - cross Alston Ave
(21.4)- cross NC 55
22.7R3.3The American Tobacco Trail
   slow, respect Pedestrians & Skaters)
(24.0)- cross Fayetteville Rd
(24.9)- cross Roxboro St (bridge)
 - cross Lakewood (bridge)
26.00.2 becomes Blackwell Rd Bike Lane
 - cross Durham Freeway/147 (underpass)
26.2L0.3Pettigrew St.
26.5L0.1Chapel Hill St
26.6R0.1Duke St
26.7L0.1Pettigrew St.
26.8 to Brightleaf Square

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