Starting point: The Coffee Mill

105 S. Lombard St; Clayton, NC 27520; (919) 550-0174


The Coffee Mill
0.00R .01Lombard St
0.01L .48Main St
0.49L2.13S Robertson St (becomes Amelia Ch Rd)
2.62R3.00Guy Rd
5.62L2.70Winston Rd
8.32L7.02Cornwallis Rd
15.34L .43Old Drug Store Rd
15.77L .99NC 50
16.76R4.76Mt Pleasant Rd
21.52L1.61Mt Pleasant Church Rd
23.13R .36Store at Carlise Adams Rd
23.49L .46Old Stage Rd
23.95R2.01Bud Lipscomb Rd
25.96R .87Kennebec Rd
26.83L .12Maude Stewart Rd
26.95R1.00Clayton Rd
27.95L .15NC 55
28.10R2.74Holland Rd
30.84R .35Angier St
31.19R .07Aiken St
31.26L .15Raleigh St
31.41R .01Main St
31.42Rest stop at The Hyphen House
31.42L .01Main St
31.43L .71Raleigh St
32.14L .14Lakeside St
32.28R .26E Academy St
32.54L .39Judd Parkway
32.93R2.83Old Honeycut Rd
35.76L .33Kennebec Rd
36.09R .74Eddie Howard Rd
36.83R1.92Walter Myatt Rd
38.75L .25Kennebec Rd
39.00L2.01Bud Lipscomb Rd
41.01L .46Old Stage Rd
41.47R .36Carlise Adams Rd
41.83L1.61Mt Pleasant Church Rd
43.44R4.76Mt Pleasant Rd
48.20L .99Store at NC 50
49.19R .43Old Drug Store Rd
49.62R7.02Cornwallis Rd
56.64R2.70Winston Rd
59.34R3.00Guy Rd
62.34L2.13Amelia Church Rd (becomes S. Robertson St)
62.82R .48Main St
62.83R .01Lombard St
Coffee Mill

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