Raleigh Ramble

Big Ed's opens for breakfast on Saturday at 7:00 a.m.
1/25/03 Ride starts at 9:30 a.m.
R Martin St L Alleghany Dr
L (1st) Person St R Pasquotank Dr
BL (10 blocks) Mordecai Dr L Granville Dr
L (at end) Courtland Dr Cross Glenwood
R Poplar St becomes Glen Eden Dr
L N. Blount St L Sussex Rd
R E. Franklin St R Lake Boone Trail
L Halifax St L (fist) Brooks Ave
R (immediate) W. Franklin St R Hillsborough St
L (at end) Semart Dr L (first) Dan Allen Dr
L (at end) Seaboard Ave R Fraternity Ct
R Vaughn L Varsity Dr
R Peace St R Crest Rd
(go under Capital Blvd) R Avent Ferry Rd
L West St (light before hill) (leave route # 7)
R W. Johnson St (under RR) L Lake Dam Rd
down to the bottom
Pick up Cross-Town Bike Route # 9 and back up
R St. Mary's L into Walnut Creek Apts
cross Wade Ave R Walnut Creek Pkwy S
R Williamson Dr L Walnut Creek Pkwy
L Carr St R Gorman St
R Harvey St Pick up cross-town bike route # 6
L Burton St L (1st) Thistledown (at light)
L Fairview Rd down to the bottom
R Duncan St and back up
L Sunset Dr R Trailwood
R White Oak Rd over I-40
R Lassiter Mill Rd L Lineberry
Up hill and Cross I-440 L Sierra
Change to Cross-Town Bike Route # 12 leave cross-town bike route # 6
L Pamlico Dr L Lake Wheeler Rd
L Northbrook Dr over the hill
Head down Cross-Town Bike Route # 7 L (at end) S. Saunders St
L Yadkin Dr R W. South
Under I-440 L S. Person
   L Martin
Live Dixieland Jazz at City Market

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