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It's quiet, dark and cool. There's the sinister mechanical hiss of fuel rushing through pipes, then random percussive ignition and the flames pop to life. The light attracts and the warmth feels good on your face.

"The Angel of the Apocalypse", by the Flaming Lotus Girls

A ceiling-fan motor spins a jungle-gym of candelabra plumbing

Jack Schroll's "El Diablo" is powered by this 1960's French fighter-jet engine. All sorts of chemicals and metals are introduced into the after-burners for great effects. Don't get too close—it's quite hot

The Tornado of Fire that "carried Dorothy straight to hell"--the Tin-man's revenge!

The artist (Nate Smith) stoking the flame looks like some kind of under-sea tin-man

A Flash-Gordon keeper of space-bees?

I know that face, but where ?

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