Heck yeah we get snow in North Carolina!

Well, not every year, but once (or twice) every few years.
When it snowed hard enough to close Trailwood for several days the only sensible thing to do was to take the MTB out for a spin.

Then, when work reopened, the VP said "Too bad you couldn't ride your bike to work! Ha! Whu...?! No! You didn't!?"

"Of course" I reassured him,
"You don't think I'd be so foolish as to ride a vehicle too heavy to lift out of a snowbank..."

It gives us all a chance to read IceBike - - - okay, so what size sheet metal screws do I need to make studded tires?

Bianchi hardtail/hardfork on a closed Trailwood Drive
'cause 2" tires are the right-thing-to-do in the snow!

The ice builds up pretty quick on all the components, so you've gotta rotate your bikes - while the MTB thaws out in the living room it's time to take the Fuji touring bike for spin.

This bike got me through a couple of Cycle-North-Carolina's,
so I know it's got enough True Grit for a little snowy night riding.

The next morning, the salt had got to the brand new 6-speed freewheel - locked it up good & tight.

Handle bar bags rule.

The "Butt-o-sore-aus" conquers the Ice Age!

We're in the Money!

Left to right:
  • Dan "Fixed Gear" Gatti
  • Mike Dayton
  • Rich Bruner (with a winning ticket!)
  • Adrian Hands
  • Mike Ross
Seated: Aaron Jordan
Taking photo: Glenn Jordan
Not pictured: Gilbert Anderson, Chesley Sugg
Jan 12, 2002; 23°F at 8am, rose to 52°F at 2pm

"Those mathematicians aren't so smart - if you really never win, why would so many people play?"

Before the snow's all gone, Dan Gatti hosts the Fabulous First Annual Lucky Lotto Century - of course, as fine upstanding cyclists, we'd NEVER cross state lines to engage in illegal gaming activity

Rich holds up a remarkable facsimile of a winning ticket he MIGHT have won,
had he actually participated in the otherwise legal activities.

Dan says: "You can't Win if you don't RIDE!"

Next up, Mike Ross maps out a century route with a "Neat Surprise".

The Man behind the wind machines tells us about the day the Hurricane came through...
Then while we ponder his contraptions, he ponders Mike's Recumbent!

Keep an eye on it Mike - he's got that glint in his eye...