Raleigh to Swansboro

To get to Clayton from Raleigh, see my Coffee Mill Cue Sheet.

Raleigh to Clayton is about 23 miles.

Go all the way east on Main St to US-70.
Turn LEFT on US-70.
Take the first RIGHT (at light) onto Boiling St.
Boiling Street will become Little Creek Church Rd
(not the name on the Delorme atlas)
BEAR LEFT at the "Y".
The speed limit is an absurd 55mph, but all the motor traffic takes US-70.
There will be one hill just south of Clayton, then
it's all flat all the way to Swansboro.
Little Creek Church Rd will bring you to Business 70.
Turn RIGHT (east) toward Smithfield.

Clayton to Smithfield is about 12 miles.

Go through Smithfield and turn RIGHT on S. 8th St.
then LEFT on Brogden Rd (1007) at the light
toward Goldsboro.

Smithfield to Goldsboro is about 22 miles.

Turn LEFT at the hospital
Head east on Ashe, going through the traffic circle.
At a light on the east side of town, turn RIGHT on 111.
It's a big road - four lanes divided, but quickly
becomes smaller - down to two lanes in each direction.
Go south past "Cliffs of the Neuse State Park".
You can take Park Rd to break the monotony, and then rejoin 111 when Park Rd ends.
Go through the small towns of Hine's Crossroads, Gradys, Outlaw's bridge, Albertson

Goldsboro to Beulaville is about 42 miles

At the light in Beulaville turn LEFT on to 24 East.
Four lanes, divided.
For some sections, there's no shoulder, only a gutter.
If you ride INSIDE the rightmost lane,
motor traffic will generally give you that lane.
24 East becomes four lanes, undivided with center turn.

At Richlands, you can turn LEFT and take Gum Branch Rd through
Half Moon to Jacksonville instead of continuing on 24 East.
I stayed on 24 E to Swansboro.

Beulaville to Jacksonville is about 25 miles.

Jacksonville to Swansboro is about 21 miles.

Total distance: 145miles (232km).