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Getting ready to check-in at the Ft. Mason hostel. It's up the Embarcadero, just past Fisherman's Wharf. The big square-rigged sailing ship in the background was built in Scotland in 1886. She worked in Hawaii and then the San Francisco to Alaska salmon trade until 1930.

A cruise ship passing Alcatraz…

The greenway behind the hostel. This is part of the route to the Golden Gate Bridge and sees a steady stream of cyclists—both tourists on rentals and hammerheads on racing machines. The ride across the Golden Gate Bridge is a must, even if you're not a cyclist.

Alcatraz, from behind Ft. Mason

Facing east from the greenway on the shaded hilltop behind Ft. Mason you see the Golden Gate Bridge. A lot of soldiers shipped out through Ft. Mason. They came back through Ft. Mason too, and those who decided they could never go home again, stayed in San Francisco.

The lawn in front of the hostel and the Eucalyptus trees. At times Eucalyptus oil permeates the air, just to remind you were you are—or, at least narrow it down to: Oz, Kerala, or the Republic of (Northern) California.

Bringing the second and last load (two backpacks) to the hostel. Now, change clothes and head out to the Fire Arts Festival.

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