San Francisco — May 2006

It was a lot of fun—I was sad to leave.
  1. Around Town
  2. City Center Hostel
  3. Paint on the walls
  4. JavaOne—the Conference
  5. Amnestia para todos!
  6. Bay to the Beach
  7. Beach to the Bay
  8. Civic Center
  9. Bike Home from Work Party
  10. Later: The Zeitgeist
  11. SFBC: San Francisco Bicycle Coalition
  12. Sunset at Sutro
  13. Ft. Mason
  14. Fire Arts Festival I
  15. Fire Arts Festival II
  16. Fire Arts Festival III
  17. Drums at the Fire Arts Festival
  18. The Bike Hut on Pier 40
  19. CounterPulse Tour de Dissent
Sorry, I didn't have the camera with me on the bike trips across the Golden Gate Bridge, through Sausalito, Mill Valley and Muir Woods. San Francisco was a blast. I met Jon Winston of Bikescape and attended an educational bike tour led by Chris Carlsson ("The Dissent Tour"). Chris is an incredibly knowledgable, articulate and engaging speaker—check out CounterPULSE everytime you're in SF (you can check out Shaping San Francisco for background info)!